pieces with unspecified instrumentation
(instructions for pieces without instructions)
pieces for treble and bass clef instruments
All The Bees Are Suns
flute, clarinet, violin, viola, cello
True Devils Chronology
string quartet + oboe, clarinet, trombone
Wilderness and Self-sufficiency
The Current Bones Cannot Accomodate
violin, cello, piano, percussion
String Quartet No. 1
string quartet
From Solitude
The Beginning of Weight
violin, bass clarinet, piano
Light In The City
No Growth Harmonies
for piano quintet
E quindi
bass clarinet, trumpet, cello
North Street Facing East
piano plus one treble and one bass instrument
accordion and micromoog
any instruments
Book (2006)
98 one-page compositions for any instruments

Deck (2013)
a deck of 54 compositions for any instruments

Scroll (2011)
eight foot long scroll for any instruments

IN Staye Sgepe (2015)
for flute, violin, piano, percussion

Charged Obstacles (2014)
for bass clarinet (+ optional tape)

Honoring Vertical Excellence (2012)
for one or more treble clef instruments

Crossed Lands (2015)
for one or more trombones
written for Patrick Crossland

And the tale told (2003)
for violin

Five Pieces for John Dierker (2013)
for one or more treble clef instruments

World Systems(2015)
for marimba or any grand staff instrument
written for Shelly Purdy

Narrative Is Fugitive (2014)
for two treble clef instruments
written for Protean Duo

Deliberative Assembly (2009)
three pages for any instruments
written for the High Zero Festival

pieces with specified instrumentation
Unsystematic Music
open form, graphic scores, invented notation, and other modern chamber music by Will Redman
print copies may take up to ten business days to ship, pdfs are included and delivered immediately
all compositions are registered with ASCAP
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here is a .zip of a folder containing PDFs of 30 compositions for solo and small ensembles, plus graphic scores.

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Lume Vone(2015)
for two treble clef, and two bass clef instruments, plus piano and percussion

Coming soon (please email if you are interested in any of these pieces):

Burners, End to End (2016)
for string* quartet, duo, or solo, or any instruments compatible with notation system