Honoring Vertical Excellence (2011) This score consists of three pages of variations of a four line melody. On the first page the main melody is invaded by superimposed fragments of notation rendering certain passages almost impossible to read. On the second page the melody is decorated with trills, flutter tongue, and grace notes. On the third page there are “phantom” repeat signs, circles around notehead, and dotted arrows that indicate jumps and slides between non-adjacent passages. There are no instructions and the piece may be performed on any number of any instruments. The interpretation of the piece is open to the performer. The performer(s) should take the score as given and develop a unique interpretation of the piece, making their own decisions as to how to approach certain bizarre or unusual elements in the notation, the order and repetition of pages, the length of the piece, and so on.
(three pages, 8.5x11)
Honoring Vertical Excellence (pdf only)
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